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Samsung’s Lead Designer Hits Back at Copycat Allegations from Apple

Recently, Apple accused Samsung of copying their designs for both the iPhone and iPad but now, Samsung’s lead mobile designer has hit back at Apple.

Samsung Mobile’s vice president of design, Lee Minhyouk (speaking to the Chicago Tribune) has spoken in defense of his designs for both Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Note by saying:

“I’ve made thousands of sketches and hundreds of prototype products [for the Galaxy range]. Does that mean I was putting on a mock show for so long, pretending to be designing?”

“As a designer, there’s an issue of dignity. [The Galaxy] is original from the beginning, and I’m the one who made it. It’s a totally different product with a different design language and different technology infused.”

The War Continues…

The two tech giants have been at war in and out of the courtrooms over the last few years and it doesn’t seem like letting up.

Lee Minhyouk went on to add:

“It’s not just effort that makes it possible for a new product to be a
massive hit. It also has to be timely, and technology should be ready
to make a certain design a reality.

“I’m confident that one day Samsung will make a product that defines our time, and I hope it’s one of mine.”

Mr Minhyouk did add though that he didn’t think he was (yet) up to the standards of Apple lead design genius Jonathan Ive responsible for Apple’s hugely successful iPhone 4S and New iPad.

“I might not be at [Ive's] level yet,” added Minhyouk. “But I believe Samsung will produce such iconic products one day.”

What do you think? Are Samsung playing copycat? Maybe you think Apple design has become boring since their failure to deliver an iPhone 5. Let us know!