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Samsung’s Galaxy S3 hits the 10 million sales marker

It’s party time at Samsung! A senior big wig at the company has revealed that they have managed to offload more than 10 million Galaxy S3 smartphones in just two months. Less than half the time it took the Galaxy S2 to do the same.

The flagship device was announced in early May and promptly went on sale at the end of the same month in 140 countries. Add to this a few months of Apple-esque rumour milling in the few months prior to release and a lack of iPhone competition and Samsung had the perfect recipe for sales.

Mobile chief at Samsung, J.K. Shin said:

“It appears that it (accumulated sales) has exceeded 10 million units.”

In a Galaxy of it’s own

The Galaxy S3 is Samsung’s most hyped smartphone to date and rightly so having racked up 3 million pre-orders leading up to the official release date.

Some of the many features of the first real iPhone killer include a massive 4.8″ Super AMOLED HD screen, a super fast quad-core processor and Google’s Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS.

Because of the staggering success of the Galaxy S3 and also the impressive Galaxy Note, Samsung recently posted a Q2 2012 operating profit of $5.9 billion (£3.77bn). A number that looks set to rise even further unless Apple can pull out the stops with the imminent iPhone 5.

Between now and the expected Autumn release of the iPhone 5, Samsung will look to heavily promote the S3. Official phone of the 2012 London Olympics and David Beckham as an ambassador isn’t a bad start!

What do you think the next 12 months has in store for the smartphone market? Has the balance of power shifted from Apple to Samsung or will the iPhone be king of the hill once more? Let us know in the comments area below!

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