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Samsung Wave II Explodes Onto the High Street

A sea of people will be flocking to the shops to catch Samsung’s newly launched smartphone, the Wave II.

The company’s new flagship Bada based smartphone, the Wave II GT-S8530, features a mass of new and improved capabilities, to keep hi-tech lovers entertained.

The 5 mega pixel autofocus camera comes with a flash, while the new handset has better social networking integration via the Social Hub, so the phone can be synchronised with social networks like Twitter and Facebook, instant messenger and email accounts.

What this means is that, for example, when a busy business executive walks down the street on their lunch break, they can chat to their sister on instant messenger, update their Facebook Status ‘On Lunch!,’ check their work and social email accounts, and eat a sandwich all at the same time.

“Following the phenomenal success of our first high-end Wave handset last year, we wanted to take the smarphone experience we offer our customers a step further,” commented Simon Stanford, Samsung UK, Mobile, managing director.

“With our Social Hub, it’s now even easier for people to share content such as photos and videos with their social networks.”

Other features include a 3.7 inch LCD display for stunning brightness and improved visibility, ideal for those who enjoy looking at videos, photos or to play games while on the go.

Smartphones from Samsung

Video recording and viewing has also been made simpler with the front facing HD video capture tso users can create their own mini-film, while playback capabilities support multiple platforms to view them with.

The design is sleek and elegant and is a slim 11.8 mm in size so you can hold it easily in the palm of your hand, fit it into the smallest of handbags, or pockets, and barely know it’s there – other than the fact that you may be using it 24 hours a day!