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Samsung Try and Fail to Block Apple Sales in the Netherlands

In the never ending battle for dominance and sea of law suits between tech giants Samsung and Apple, the latest round has been won by the fruit-based side of the force.

Latest news is that a Dutch court have rejected a petition from Samsung to have Apple products removed from shelves in the Netherlands because of infringements on patents.

Japan based tech giant Samsung accused Apple of using Samsung patented technology in it’s iPhone and iPad devices without paying royalties for their use.

The reason it’s been thrown out of court is that the technology in question has been deemed as an ‘essential’ part of any mobile device production and something that Samsung cannot claim full rights to.

Apple claim they have done nothing wrong (obviously) and that they are clear to use all patented software thanks to its chipset provider Qualcomm who have an agreement in place with Samsung to use the technology.


Even though the two companies have been at each others throats in and out of the courtroom for some time now, it’s worth noting that they also share a close business understanding and partnership to some extent with Samsung being one of the few companies able to produce the retina display found in Apple’s New iPad and iPhone 4S.

Because of this, Apple are expected to pay Samsung a healthy sum of around $11 billion this year in return for usage of various patents that Samsung own.

With the battle for top spot in the smartphone, tablet and soon to be TV market, it’s fair to say that we should expect a few more fireworks on the horizon so keep it PluggedIn for all the latest on the Apple vs Samsung war.