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Samsung teams up with TomTom to bring satnav to the Samsung Wave 3

Smartphone manufacturer Samsung is to team up with TomTom to bring satellite navigation to the Samsung Wave 3 phone.

The Samsung Wave 3, released at the end of last year, is yet another addition to the tech giant’s ever-expanding roster of smartphones.

The Wave 3 has a range of impressive features, but has struggled to sell in the same type of numbers that the Nexus and Galaxy have enjoyed.

So Samsung will be hoping that the collaboration with a company like TomTom will bring in some much-needed sales.

Samsung smartphone sales up

Not that Samsung will be worrying too much; smartphones are now the company’s biggest revenue sector, driving up overall profits up by an estimated 73 per cent in the fourth quarter of last year.

The success of Samsung’s Android smartphones has meant that the South Korean company has been able to dabble in an operating system of its own.

Bada is the third OS to be used by Samsung, after Windows Phone 7.5 (on the Samsung Omnia 7) and of course Andoid. The Wave 3 uses Bada, giving Samsung the chance to test the water with its very own operating system.

There are few apps available, compared to the likes of Android and iOS anyway, but it features a new instant messaging system and an impressive user interface.

The Wave 3 itself is also a very good piece of kit, as you’d expect from the smartphone experts. With a sleek chassis design, 1.4 GHz processor and 4GB of storage, the Wave 3 is not to be sniffed at.

TomTom partnership

And with the addition of TomTom’s software, the Wave 3 is looking more impressive than ever. The satnav expert will provide information for Wave 3 users on everything from navigation to search and find.

With maps for over 200 countries worldwide, as well as live road traffic updates, the deal between the two companies is great news for Wave 3 users.