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Samsung sold twice as many phones as Apple in Q2, say analysts

The launch of the Samsung Galaxy S3 helped the Koreans shift twice as many phones as the Apple iPhone in the last three months, according to analysts.

The 4.8-inch Android 4.0 device has already sold 10 million units to push Samsung to an estimated 52 million phones in the months spanning April, May and June.

The figure from Juniper Research dwarfs the total of 26 million iPhone handsets Apple announced for the same period on Tuesday, a figure which was, remarkably, a disappointment to folks on Wall Street.

The difference, according to Juniper has been established by the way Samsung has “leveraged its global brand strength and the popularity of the Android OS to drive sales of smartphones in all price tiers.”

iPhone 5 syndrome

Where Samsung’s numbers have been bolstered so strongly by the arrival of the majestic Galaxy S3, Apple’s numbers have certainly been harmed by the impending arrival of its own next-gen device.

Had Apple released the iPhone 5 at the same time as the Galaxy S3 then those numbers would undoubtedly be much closer.

As it stands, Apple has experienced a quarter with fewer iPhone purchases than analysts expected as people are biding their time for the release of the iPhone 5, which is expected this autumn.

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Samsung sold twice as many phones as Apple in Q2, say analysts


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