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Samsung S Cloud spotted at IFA 2012 on the Galaxy Note 2

Samsung’s much rumoured but not yet confirmed S Cloud appears to be real, with an image and video (below) of it working on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

The Samsung S Cloud is, yes you’ve guessed it, Samsung’s apparent foray into cloud storage. We have to say apparent as Samsung has yet to confirm its existence. This is despite rumours that the technology was set to launch alongside the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Now the cloud storage service has cropped up again in a photo that seems to prove its existence. And the bonus is that even though it is a spy shot, it’s not even blurry.

Cloud Speaker

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 launched at IFA 2012 in Berlin and an eagle eyed German blogger from BestBoyZ spotted the functionality.

Interestingly, the S Cloud currently seems to be a shell for Dropbox, so it may well turn out that the S Cloud is a collaboration with the popular file-distribution app.

If S Cloud, when/if it does arrive comes with similar Dropbox functionality then it will be able to sync pictures, movies and documents into the cloud.

Given that Samsung has expanded Android to its latest camera range, this could well be an integral part of the camera’s functionality – and it certainly wouldn’t go amiss on Samsung’s bevy of smartphones and tablets.

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Samsung S Cloud spotted at IFA 2012 on the Galaxy Note 2


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