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Samsung PS50C490 3D TV: Taking Film Night to a New Dimension!

Samsung PS50C490 3D TV

Rating: ★★★★☆

The Samsung 3D is certainly impressive at first glance. Its sleek silver border gives it a stylish yet simple image, and it is startlingly slim, making it perfect to mount on a wall. Its manual was rather annoyingly placed below all the equipment in the box which meant that you had to take everything out before learning how to set up the stand.

However, once everything was out of the box it was a fairly simple set up, and any confusion was cleared up by the manual. There were an unusual number of wires which may seem a bit daunting at first. The slim build of the TV means that normal plugs won’t fit into the back, and need a number of adapters. However, once set up, the slimness gave the TV a striking image which made up for this.

Out of the box

Once you’re up and running, setup is very simple, with the TV taking you through the very basic steps, like setting the time and language. The speakers were placed at the back of the TV, which adds to the sleek image.

Both the sound and picture of the TV was noticeably great quality, something you would be aware of even without the need of a comparison with a lower quality TV. This quality continued even to the channels which weren’t HD. However, the main feature of this TV is its 3D capability. The 3D images are quite astonishing and really do make a simple film quite an amazing experience. Although the quality isn’t quite as good as in the cinema, it undoubtedly enhances a film to a level unknown with normal televisions.


There is a connection for a hard drive in the back of the TV, which allows you to connect a USB stick and import photos, music or videos and view them through the TV. This would be a great way to show family and friends holiday pictures, or play music in your living room. The remote control was one of the most stylish I’ve seen, and although it’s a minor aspect, certainly added to the extraordinary image of the TV as a whole!

The main menu is easily accessible through the Content button, and is simple to navigate with the remote control. It is clearly set out, with all of the main options visible as you flick through. When you click on the Internet button from this menu, you are taken to a page from which you can access web applications, and there is a clearly laid out grid where you can store your favourite applications.

Samsung 3D

The Samsung 3D is perfect for those who want the highest quality sound and image, and the novel idea of 3D films at home. The TV comes with two pairs of the 3D glasses that you need, which can otherwise cost £100. This may be something to consider if you have young children who are likely to throw the glasses on the floor before the TV is even out of the box.

Overall, I found the TV had some extraordinary features. The sound and quality alone would justify the purchase, and the 3D capability allows you to watch ordinary films with extraordinary images. It takes the idea of a movie night to a whole new level!


  • great picture quality
  • design is simple and elegant


  • price of extra 3D glasses
  • 3D not so impressive


I was very impressed with the TV on the whole, as the picture and sound quality were extraordinary. The 3D feature was also an excellent bonus when watching films.

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