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Samsung Omnia M vs Nokia Lumia 900 – which Windows Phone is better?

As another Windows-powered smartphone is announced – this time from top manufacturer Samsung – it seems the race to find the best mobile platform is heating up.

With so many different models currently on offer, finding the best smartphone can be difficult for buyers – so which Windows Phone should you back, the new Samsung Omnia M or the Nokia Lumia 900?

Samsung Omnia M

Featuring a decent 1GHz processor and utilising the same operating system as the Nokia, the Samsung Omnia M comes with a great range of features which are sure to impress users.

The 4-inch display boasts Super AMOLED vision and fits seamlessly on to a handset which is less than 11mm thick. With a 5MP camera on the back, alongside a front-facing camera perfect for video calling, the opportunities seem endless for this new arrival.

Unfortunately, insufficient storage lets the phone down. With just 4GB or 8GB of internal storage and 384GB of RAM, the Omnia is almost guaranteed to face an uphill struggle as it battles with rival phones which may boast internal capacities of up to 32GB.

To enhance its attributes even further, a vast selection of software is also provided with the phone. This includes software for Xbox Live and SkyDrive, as well as Samsung’s own ChatON and All Share applications.

Nokia Lumia 900

With Apple’s Siri naming the Nokia 900 the ‘best smartphone ever’, the specs are naturally high on this slim-line device. Compared to the Omnia, the Nokia offers its users a larger processor (1.4GHz) with a bigger screen to match (4.3 inches). The AMOLED display of the Samsung is also found in the Nokia, while the internal storage also gets a bit of a boost.

With 16GB on offer, the 900 is far from the best smartphone on the market when it comes to storage, but this is still better than the pitiful 4GB or 8GB options offered with the new Samsung Omnia.

The Verdict

A fairly even playing field is found between these two models, with the Lumia 900 just taking the advantage thanks to larger capacities and therefore larger potential.

That being said, the Samsung Omnia M could still prove popular although it is likely a number of users will prefer to stick with the manufacturer’s more popular Android devices.