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Samsung, Nokia, HTC – the best iPhone 4S rivals on the smartphone market

Samsung, Sony, Nokia, HTC – there are a whole bunch of smartphones out there for us to get our hands on. They are getting better, brighter and bigger – we’ll barely be able to fit them in our pocket soon!

Here is our round up of the best smartphones on the market right now.

Nokia Lumia 800

Having been so influential when mobile phones first took off, with classics like the 3310, Nokia have arrived late to the smartphone party. But the phone giant is slowly making itself known. The Lumia 800 is a sleek, good-looking phone with a 3.7″ curved touch screen that makes pictures and videos appear to float in front of you.

Samsung Galaxy Note

Is it a phone? Is it a tablet? No! It’s the Galaxy Note, Samsung’s latest impressive bit of kit. They claim it combines the benefits of a notebook with the portability of a smartphone. They are pushing it a bit on the size, with a huge 5.3″ screen, but the visuals are spot-on. It also comes with the S Pen stylus, for writing memos and, according to the advert, drawing pretty pictures.

BlackBerry Bold 9900


The Bold 9900 has everything you would expect from smartphone experts BlackBerry. Combining a touch screen with BlackBerry’s QWERTY, the Bold 9900 offers more choice than previous BlackBerrys. Powered by BlackBerry 7 OS, it is also the most powerful BlackBerry yet.

HTC Sensation XL

This stylish white handset is all about music, games, and entertainment. At 4.7″, it has a screen to rival the Galaxy Note, and the integrated Beats Audio technology gives amazing sound quality even if you’re not using headphones.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S

Sony Ericsson have been struggling for a while now, so have gone all-out with the Xperia Arc S. It has a 1.4GHz processor giving much quicker web browsing. Then of course there is the fantastic 3D camera. Take a photo and show it in all its 3D glory, either on the handset or through a 3D TV.