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Samsung MV800 – best compact camera from any angle

Amateur photographers everywhere rejoice! The Samsung Multiview 800 is out now and is one of the best compact cameras I’ve seen for a long time.

The keen snappers out there may be a little disappointed with some of the Samsung MV800’s specs, but for most people it is a marked step up from most compact digital cameras on the market.

Coming in at around £200, the MV800 is not the cheapest on the market, but it’s not the most expensive either. You certainly get your money’s worth too.

The MV800 has a 16.4MP camera, a 26mm lens with 5x optical zoom as well as offering 720p high-def video shooting.

Flip-out touchscreen

There is also, of course, the touch screen that flips out. Easily the coolest feature on the MV800, the flip screen allows you to frame your picture from virtually any angle.

Samsung has built on the popularity of the MV800’s predecessor, the Samsung PL120, which has a small screen on its front.

It could have been easy to dismiss the PL120’s second screen as a bit of a gimmick, but it did actually come in quite handy, much to everyone’s surprise (including ours).

It was very small though, and was only really useful for self portraits. But the idea was right, and Samsung has taken it a step further.

Smartphone feel

As well as self portraits, the flip screen makes it easier to take photos from down low or from high above, like crowd shots.

And the touch screen technology, along with the tile-style interface, gives the MV800 the look and feel of a smartphone.

The smartphone similarities do not end there. The Samsung MV800 also offers 14 ‘smart-filter’ effects that let you have fun with your photos without having to connect to a computer.

These include the usual sepia and the like, as well as a new watercolour effect. But our fave has got to be ‘funny face’, which lets you stretch faces any way you like using the touchscreen.

We might have wanted to see a little more speed in the Samsung MV800, and a Wi-Fi option would have been the icing on the cake. But this is still one of the best compacts out there.

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