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Samsung Mono Cooling American Fridge Freezer review

Samsung Mono Cooling RSA1WTMH American Fridge Freezer

Rating: ★★★★☆

There are many benefits of having an American style fridge freezer for me it was i need more space as having three kids and a hubby to feed I needed all the space I could get the storage capacity alone is ideal for any family.

The fridge side has plenty of room and you could get lost as it goes quite far back (almost feels like the wardrobe in Narnia).

However the freezer side does falls a little short and you can’t really fit a weekly freezer shop in the space provided which may leave you disappointed.

On both sides of the fridge freezer you do have allocated door space for things like milk condiments and what not’s, but make note that you do lose some door space due to the built in water filter but you make up for this with all the space provided inside the fridge.

The water dispenser is a plus feature and what is great with this model is that it does not require any plumbing in so you can always more the fridge with you if you ever more which is great. Plus a cool refreshing drink the summer as the water stays very cool inside the fridge which is great if you have three thirsty kids playing in the garden.

This model comes with the same features as most fridge freezer these day which include an efficient A energy rating it also has the frost free feature which maintains a constant flow of cold air throughout the fridge and a added extra is a digital display on the front which keep you informed of the temperature all the time.

A great feature for any mums like me is the fast free feature which provides you with instant cooling which is beneficial after a big weekly shop when you are putting warmer food into a cooler environment it cools everything down quicker so you are not making the cold food warm.

This fridge also includes a vacation button so if you are going away on holiday (I wish) you can activate this switch so the fridge becomes more economic and saves you money while you are away


  • Cool digital dial
  • Water Filter
  • Fast free feature
  • Vaction Button


  • Not alot of space on frezzer side


Love this fridge freezer its a god send to me and my family i can buy more on my weekly shopping trip not just the things i need but some added naughty treats thanks to all the storage space inside the fridge highly recommend to any family.

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