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Samsung Galaxy Tab – what we’d like to see next

Samsung stormed into the tablet market with the launch of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 last year and the more recent Galaxy Tab 8.9 – a sleeker model with a smaller screen.

With the Galaxy Tab, Samsung have given us a real alternative to the Apple iPad. But, as with every tablet out there, it is not perfect.

As rumours abound about the iPad 3, surely Samsung are already working on their next foray into the tablet market. But what features or improvements would we like to see in the tech giant’s next model?

Improved camera features

A camera is definitely a necessity for any tablet, purely because of video calling. But the size and shape of them make taking photos or shooting videos a little cumbersome, with users always opting for even the most basic of digital cameras.

Nevertheless, we would like to see more of Samsung’s efforts go into the camera. The Galaxy Tab 8.9 has a 2MP front camera for video calling, and a 3MP camera for photos and filming. Surely they can do better than that.

More sound

It is always going to be hard to get decent audio from a tablet, especially the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9. The smaller version of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is beautifully thin, making sound quality a bit of a challenge.

But Samsung don’t help themselves by making the speakers so small, and then placing them on the bottom of the tablet, so the sound just fills an empty void. We’d like to see more bass, a fuller sound, and some decent speakers!

No compromise on ports

You can either opt for the larger Galaxy Tab 10.1, complete with USB port, or pay more for the sleek and sexy Galaxy Tab 8.9, completely without ports.

It shouldn’t be a choice we have to make, and although you can use an adapter for all your USB needs, these are small and easy to lose.