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Samsung Galaxy Tab 11.6 vs BlackBerry Playbook 2

Last year was a pretty good one for all parts of the world of technology. We had some exciting new TVs, both 3D and Smart, and some great mobile devices.

There were some excellent tablets and smartphones from the tech geniuses over at Samsung, and of course a couple of great products from Apple.

One company that would probably rather forget 2011 is RIM, the manufacturer of BlackBerry. 2011 was pretty tough for BlackBerry, with declining sales and a migration of users over to the Android side of life.

Not that BlackBerry is done yet, far from it. We are already waiting to see how the BlackBerry London – an exciting new direction for BlackBerry – will fair later this year.

And it isn’t just smartphones where BlackBerry is planning a new release. It looks like we’ll be getting another Playbook before the year is out too.

But how will the Playbook 2 stand up against its rivals? With Apple and the iPad 3 there will be no competition, such is the power of Apple’s hold on the tablet market.

But what about Samsung? The South Korean tech giant is also unleashing a next generation of tablet on the market later this year.

We haven’t even had the Galaxy Tab 7.7 over here yet, and we’re already getting excited about the Galaxy Tab 11.6 – Samsung’s bumper high-end device. But how do the two tablet underdogs measure up?

BlackBerry Playbook

We may be seeing this as early as MWC in a couple of weeks, but is it good enough to rival the likes of Samsung? We’re not sure.

Rumoured to feature a dual-core 1.5GHz processor, as well as NFC support, there’s no doubt the Playbook 2 will be decent. But tablets are upping their game across the board this year, and Blackberry may get lost in the crowd.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 11.6

Very little in the way of detail on this mysterious tablet, but we could also it at MWC. Under the hood, rumours had suggested a quad-core processor. But a far more likely scenario is a dual-core 2GHz offering.

The Galaxy Tab 11.6 display is also expected to be pretty special, with a bumper 2560 x 1600 resolution to rival the iPad 3’s expected retina display.

So it looks like the Samsung Galaxy Tab 11.6 will win the specs war. And running Android 4.0, it’ll probably win the OS war too.

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