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Samsung Galaxy Tab 11.6 vs Apple iPad 3 – a battle of retina displays

Tablets are set to go to the next level this year, with every manufacturer worth its salt gearing up to unleash their most powerful devices to date.

There was a time when many people (even some techies) were dubious about the need for an over-sized smartphone that couldn’t make calls.

But Steve Jobs and Apple assured us all that we wanted a tablet, even if we didn’t know it yet. And how right they were.

Tablets don’t sell in nearly the same numbers as smartphones, but their price tag makes them a great money spinner for tech companies.

One of the key tablet battles this year is, as always, between Samsung and Apple. These two tech giants love a rumble, and the lines are being drawn for the next showdown.

Apple’s iPad 3 is now set for launch in early March (probably), and Samsung is rumoured to be readying its bumper Galaxy Tab 11.6 for an unveiling at MWC.

Apple iPad 3 display

One of the key points for both devices is the display – with both tablets promising to have a screen quality that will blow your eyeballs out.

A sticking point for many iPad 2 users was the brightness, but Apple is rumoured to be using LED Lightbar technology to power the iPad 3 display.

Also, rumours abound that Apple is including a screen with a 2,048 x 1,536 resolution in the iPad 3.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 11.6 display

It looks like Apple could be beaten to the punch by Samsung, if the rumours of an MWC launch are to be believed, anyway.

Reports have stated that the Galaxy Tab 11.6 will boast a whopping 2560 x 1600 full HD display, with a 16:10 aspect ratio.

So not only will Samsung (just) beat Apple in the display stakes, but will be the first to be seen. But having said that, there doesn’t look like being much between the two CPUs – so it could come down to a matter of ecosystems.

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