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Samsung Galaxy S3 – will it be more successful than the Galaxy S2?

The Samsung Galaxy S3, one of the most anticipated phones in a long time, has been the focus of almost constant speculation and debate recently.

But the excitement surrounding the Galaxy S3 is down to one thing: the Galaxy S2. Critically acclaimed and hugely popular, the S2 was one of the best phones of last year, some would say the best.

So it is little wonder that the follow-up is getting so much attention. But will it be able to live up to the hype and be as successful as the S2? Here are the arguments for and against.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 won’t beat the S2

Obviously Samsung will pack the Galaxy S3 with better specs than the S2, it would be crazy not to. But the S2 has just passed 20 million sales worldwide, ten months after going on sale.

In late September, Samsung reported that it had sold ten million Galaxy S2s – just five months after being released. And now, five months on, the device has passed the 20 million mark.

It’s an impressive figure, but sales were driven by a lack of any real rivals in the market. Yes, iPhones are just as popular, but in terms of Android devices, the S2 was a cut above.

But this year, other manufacturers are really stepping up their game, with some great smartphones set to hit our stores. The S3 will certainly be one of the best, but might not be able to deliver the same huge sales quite so quickly.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 will beat the S2

Yes, sales of the S2 were very strong. But it was just continuing Samsung’s upward trend in the mobile market. The original Galaxy S took 17 months to reach the 20 million milestone, so if the trend continues we could see the S3 reach it in a matter of months.

It’s true that there are some very impressive smartphones due for release this year, but Samsung has built a name for itself as delivering high-quality devices that utilise Android perfectly.

So while we may sing the praises of the Nokia Lumia 900, or the HTC Edge, the fact is that many users will not want to leave the Galaxy S brand.

Only time will tell how successful the S3 will be. But we do know one thing for sure – we can’t wait to see what this device has to offer.