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Samsung Galaxy S3: when on Earth will it be launched?

When it comes to the long-awaited Galaxy S3 smartphone, it feels like Samsung is toying with us like a cat that has caught a mouse.

The Samsung cat grabbed us mice a long time ago, when the Galaxy S3 rumours started doing the rounds on websites, blogs, and social networks.

Of course, these rumours don’t necessarily come from Samsung itself, but we doubt the South Korean company will be complaining about the ongoing speculation.

And announcing a mysterious media event in France, without saying what it would be about, certainly didn’t hurt the hype upkeep.

Few people thought this would actually be the launch of the Galaxy S3, but at least it got people talking. Obviously, Samsung has now said the event will having nothing to do with the S3.

So now we have no S3 at Mobile World Congress, no S3 in France later this month – when on earth are we going to see it? Samsung had better not wait too long, or we’ll start getting bored.

Samsung Galaxy S3 in March?

Not just March, but March 13th to be precise. According to some reports, the launch event will take place in Turkey.

Sound dubious? We thought so too. The French event turned out to be damp squib, so an event in Turkey has even less chance of showing us the S3.

Samsung Galaxy S3 in April?

This rumour comes courtesy of notorious tech blogger Eldar Murtazin, who claims to insiders throughout the industry.

According to Murtazin, who is sometimes right and sometimes very wrong, we’ll see the Galaxy S3 in April. We’re hopeful, but don’t hold your breath.

Samsung Galaxy S3 in May?

This is the latest development, reported by South Korean website ET News. This rumour has not been confirmed or denied by Samsung, and at the moment it’s unfortunately looking like the most likely scenario.

There have also been rumours of a summer launch to tie-in with the Olympics, but that is so far away it doesn’t even bare thinking about.