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Samsung Galaxy S3 – what accessories can we expect?

The Galaxy S3, the long-awaited smartphone from Samsung, is now just around the corner. After the official launch earlier this month, customers everywhere are now waiting for the release.

The pre-orders have been stacking up ever since the London event at the start of May, with people everywhere wanting to get their hands on this sleek, sexy device.

With such a huge amount of hype surrounding the S3, it could struggle to actually live up to expectations. There have already been suggestions that it is more of an S2 upgrade than a fully-fledged device of its own, falling into the iPhone 4S category of smartphone.

The S3 is yet to undergo rigorous reviews, although some early indications are that the battery life is a marked improvement on the S2.

We’re going to have to wait a little longer for any solid testing to be done, but Samsung has kept us happy with a sneak peek at the S3’s accessories. So what accompaniments can we expect?

Samsung Galaxy S3 flip cover

We thought we’d start with the most mundane accessory – the flip cover. There’s no doubting this is a useful addition, but it’s pretty standard stuff.

Having said that, the Samsung-branded cover is better than most bulky covers we see these days. Designed to fit in neatly with the S3’s sleek look, the flip cover replaces the S3’s original back cover to add protection to the screen without any extra bulk.

Samsung Galaxy S3 C-Pen

As you might have guessed, this is an updated version of the Samsung S-Pen. Designed specifically for the S3, the C-Pen is much thicker and larger as it won’t be sitting inside the S3.

Doing pretty much what you’d expect, the C-Pen helps to improve typing accuracy on the S3, while reducing the amount of fingerprints.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Wi-Fi Display Hub

A very cool Samsung accessory, the Display Hub connects to your HDTV or monitor to let you stream content from the S3.

This means that, as long as you’ve got the right TV at home, you’ll be able to use your S3 for watching films, looking at photos and playing games on the big screen. How cool is that?