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Samsung Galaxy S3: top 5 rumours

For techies and smartphone lovers the world over, the most exciting device in the horizon is the Samsung Galaxy S3.

We’ve had very little in terms of concrete facts from the South Korean based manufacturer, but there have been plenty of rumours to keep us going.

Samsung has become something of a smartphone powerhouse in recent years, seeing its devices go from strength to strength.

So it’s no wonder that the tech giant is keen to roll out its latest contender – the Samsung Galaxy S3. As usual, the tech world has been abuzz with rumours, so what can we expect from one of the biggest phones of the year?

Samsung Galaxy S3 to be 3D?

3D has been one of the breakthrough pieces of technology over the past year. We’ve had the films, the TVs, and even a couple of 3D smartphones.

Samsung is no stranger to 3D and is reported to be equipping the Galaxy S3 with the technology, enabling users to capture 3D videos.

Samsung Galaxy S3 operating system

Like all of Samsung’s big hitting smartphones, the Galaxy S3 will obviously be an Android phone. But we should see an updated version of Android 4.0 on the device.

Dual-core chip for Samsung Galaxy S3?

Samsung unveiled its latest chip last year, the Exynos 5250. This dual-core processor offers 2GHz and is the successor to the 4210.

With its high resolution capabilities, and 3D support, Samsung will waste no time getting this super-powerful chip into the Galaxy S3.

Samsung Galaxy S3 release date?

Given that no announcements have been made by Samsung yet, we can only speculate. But luckily for us, tech companies like to stick to what they know.

We saw the Galaxy S2 on sale at the beginning of April last year, and Samsung is likely to stick to this winning formula.

Samsung Galaxy S3 price?

This one’s a little harder to predict than the release date, but it’s most likely to be at the higher end of the scale. Given the buzz surround the S3, Samsung will be able to charge whatever it wants.