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Samsung Galaxy S3 to sell 20 million in six months?

The Galaxy S3, the flagship smartphone from Samsung, is set to sell as many as 15 million units in the third quarter alone.

That is the finding from analysts JP Morgan, whose estimates indicate that the third quarter of this year could be the most successful so far for the S3.

It is an incredibly impressive figure, although not a particularly surprising one – the Galaxy S3 shifted 6.5 million units in the second quarter, and buzz around the device is only set to grow.

Pressure on Samsung Galaxy S3

After the success of the Galaxy S2, Samsung was under pressure and really had to deliver with the S3. But any fears of underwhelming sales were put to rest early on, as pre-order sales went through the roof upon the announcement of the device.

It was claimed that pre-orders for the S3 topped the nine million mark – a staggering achievement. Though this was never confirmed by Samsung, we wouldn’t be surprised if the real figure was pretty close.

Once the S3 was released, sales started well and seemed to only get better. If the estimates of 15 million units shifted next quarter prove to be correct, Samsung could have shifted 20 million S3s in six months. But why has the device exploded in this way?

Why has the Galaxy S3 done so well?

The specs for the S3 are obviously one of the main reasons the S3 has done so well. With a 1.4GHz quad-core processor, NFC and a bunch of cool new features, the S3 was never going to disappoint on the technology front.

But another reason for the device’s instant success has been Samsung’s global release strategy. While the S2’s release was spread out across the globe, Samsung launched a full-on market assault with the S3.

The South Korean manufacturer released the device in a number of markets just weeks after its unveiling, giving millions more people access to it at the same time.

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