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Samsung Galaxy S3 to Run Dual Operating Systems?

Another week and another Samsung Galaxy S3 photo and spec leak, which this time suggests that Samsung’s eagerly anticipated handset will allow users to flip between two versions of the Android operating system.

The image and accompanying leaked details on the Galaxy S3 appeared on the popular social news site Reddit, with the post claiming to have received the information from a Samsung employee.

The post says:

“He said that it will possibly have two optional launchers, ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) with TouchWiz overlay and vanilla ICS.”

“They (Samsung) aren’t 100 percent sure if they will stick with TouchWiz or have the dual launcher option. If they go dual, you will have the option of picking which one to use at startup, and you can change any time.”

Samsung Galaxy S3 - leak

Credit: Reddit

“Ceramic ‘micro arc oxidation’ back” – Exciting or what!?

The post also claims that the Samsung Galaxy S3 will have a 4.7-inch Super AMOLED+ HD screen with a very thin bezal and “a ceramic ‘micro arc oxidation’ back” – yeah, one of those.

The report also suggests the Galaxy S3 will pack a “quad core exynos 4412″ processor, 2GB of RAM, 12MP camera and a 2250mAh battery, all squashed into a body 8mm in depth.

We’re certainly not sold on this rumour; the poor quality image suggests some foul play – the screen doesn’t look high-def and it could well be a Photoshop bodge job. Plus the source is far from reliable, so make sure you take this information with the recommended dose of salt.

Samsung Galaxy S3 to run dual operating systems?