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Samsung Galaxy S3 to Rival iPhone 4S Display?

Another week has (almost) gone by, and still we are no more in the know about when we’ll see Samsung’s Galaxy S3.

The wait for this hugely anticipated smartphone seems to have been on-going for as long as we can remember, with rumours about the phone’s specs cropping up months ago.

We’ve heard everything and anything from the tech world rumour mill concerning the Galaxy S3. Some of it has been incredibly exciting, some of it has been frankly laughable.

That’s not to say we haven’t enjoyed the ride – it’s been a rollercoaster of emotion, to put it dramatically. But we want to get off now, it’s time for Samsung to get its act together and release the S3. It’s pretty wishful thinking at the moment, but the rumours just keep on coming.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Display

Far from being laughable, the latest rumour concerning the device’s screen has caught our interest. According to the latest reports, the S3 will have a display to rival the iPhone 4S.

This juicy rumour comes courtesy of tech website Digitimes, which cites sources in the Samsung supply chain. According to them, the S3 will have a 4.6 inch screen with a pixel density of 319ppi – enough to rival the iPhone 4S’s retina display.

It’s an exciting prospect, and a wholly believable one given Samsung’s continuing battle with Apple – be it in the retail market or in the courts.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Release Date

The only rumour we really care about, but where do we begin? There has been endless speculation over the release date of the S3.

According to many reports, we should all be using the device already. But it wasn’t to be, and all sorts of different dates are now being bandied about.

The latest suggestions, courtesy of some dubious-looking picture leaks, suggest a launch date of 22 May – giving us a release date of early June.