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Samsung Galaxy S3 – the latest leaks and rumours

The Galaxy S3, the upcoming smartphone from Samsung, has been talked about so much it’s taken on something of a mystical quality in the tech world.

The rumours and speculation have been raging on for so long that we’re not even sure if the device exists or not. Maybe it’s just a figment of our imagination?

The last couple of weeks have been no different, with a number of new rumours, leaks, and hearsay for us to get our heads round.

But with each passing month, the rumours garner a little more weight – we’re getting closer and closer to the (expected) release date, so surely the leaks must be more genuine?

We’re taking each one with more than one pinch of salt, but they are still getting us excited. So what are the latest leaks and rumours?

Is the GT-i9300 the Samsung Galaxy S3?

This is one of the most recent leaks – a picture of a device claiming to be the GT-i9300. It has got a lot of people pretty excited, mainly because the S2 was the GT-i9100.

It follows that the GT-i9300 would be the Galaxy S3, but the image shows a device that looks a little too bulky to be the cutting-edge S3.

It also looks very similar to the Galaxy S and S2, leading many to suggest it’s actually a cheaper, mid-level model.

Samsung Galaxy S3 to run dual launchers?

This interesting rumour came courtesy of a leak to Talk Android, which suggested that the S3 will come with two OS options.

According to the leak, users will have the option choosing ICS with TouchWiz overlay, or going for ICS vanilla. User will choose which one they want at start-up, and can change at any time.

Samsung Galaxy S3 launch date

We’ve heard all the spec rumours under the sun, the thing we really care about now is when the device is actually being launched.

Some dubious leaks put the launch in March, while other more realistic ones claimed we’d see the S3 sometime in May. But South Korean website MK has quote Samsung’s president as saying it is aiming for an April release. Let’s hope he’s right!