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Samsung Galaxy S3, Smart TV, Galaxy Tab 7.7… top Samsung products this year

Samsung has been having a very good time of late. It seems like anything the South Korean company touches turns to gold.

Its smartphones are the Android of choice for many people the world over, and its Galaxy Tab range gives customers a real alternative to the iPad.

So what can we expect from the tech giant in 2012? Here is our round up of the best devices coming our way from Samsung this year.

Samsung Galaxy S3

It is a testament to the quality of Samsung’s smartphones that we’re talking about this phone without any concrete facts from the tech giant itself.

We may not have had anything solid from Samsung just yet, but there have been plenty of rumours to keep us going. It looks like the Galaxy S3 could feature a quad-core core processor, delivering 1.5GHz.

This would be a huge selling point for Samsung, but even if we get a dual-core chip instead the S3 will be a very powerful phone.

Samsung ES8000 Smart TV

With all its success in the smartphone and tablet market, it can be easy to forget that Samsung make TVs. But they do, and they are amongst the most popular in the world.

And Samsung is stepping up its game this year with the ES8000. Unveiled at CES earlier this month, this new Smart TV has all kinds of very cool features.

Samsung want to make our TVs as much like our smartphones as possible, with more apps and improved multi-tasking the key features of the ES8000.

There is also the Smart Interaction technology, which lets you control your TV with motion control, voice control, and face recognition. There’s no release date for this yet, but we should see it before the end of the year.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab range has been hugely successful so far, and 2012 is sure to be no different. The Galaxy Tab 7.7 was unveiled last year, but we haven’t had a confirmed release date just yet.

The world’s first tablet to come with a Super AMOLED Plus display, everything about the 7.7 screams design elegance.

And it isn’t too bad on the inside either, featuring a 1.4GHz dual-core processor and 1GB of RAM. And all this inside a 340g body.