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Samsung Galaxy S3: rumour busting

Samsung has carved out a solid base in the smartphone market over the past couple of years. Its phones are sleek, stylish, and reliable.

Samsung has given us some fantastic smartphones of late. We’ve had the hugely popular Galaxy Nexus, and the critically acclaimed and also hugely popular Galaxy S2.

The Galaxy S2 sold an incredible three million units in its first 55 days on sale, and at the last count had clocked up more than 10 million sales.

So what’s next for the South Korean company? The Galaxy S3, that’s what. Decent sales of this phone are all but guaranteed, whatever the features.

We’ve had very little in the way of concrete facts from Samsung, which has just spurred the tech world rumour mill on even more.

But there is no point getting all excited about features that simply are not going to happen. So what Samsung Galaxy S3 rumours are pretty unlikely?

Samsung Galaxy S3 to be 3D?

A simple internet search for whether the S3 will have 3D technology throws up a load of results saying that it will. But we’re not so sure.

Samsung is certainly no stranger to the technology, and a 3D phone could be linked up to one of Samsung’s 3D TVs.

But given that the likes of the HTC Evo 3D and the LG Optimus 3D received little praise, will Samsung really want to tarnish the Galaxy’s good name with pointless 3D technology? It’s very unlikely.

2GHz processor for the Samsung Galaxy S3?

Samsung unveiled its latest chip last year – the Exynos 5250. This powerful chip can deliver 2GHz and is 2560 x 1600 compatible.

This of course set rumours flying that it will feature on the S3. But this chip is designed with tablets in mind, so Samsung may save it for the next Galaxy Tab, rather than the S3.