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Samsung Galaxy S3 launch date: clever marketing or real deal?

The Galaxy S3, the next big smartphone from Samsung, has got to be one of the most talked about non-existent devices in history.

So far, all we’ve had from Samsung that is anywhere near official is an extra model number being posted on the company’s Global Download Centre website.

Apart from that, it’s all rumour, gossip and hearsay. Not that we’re complaining – rumour and hearsay are our bread and butter.

And to be fair, a lot of these rumours will almost certainly come true. Some of them certainly will not, but that’s the fun of the tech world rumour mill.

And the fun has continued recently, with a couple of juicy rumours to keep us going. We’re starting to think that Samsung is just fuelling the flames to keep the hype high.

Samsung Galaxy S3 launch date?

And with this latest rumour, there is a very strong case for that. So what’s it all about? Well, rumours have begun flying of a launch date for the Galaxy S3.

The date? March 22. The place? Um, France. We are suspicious already. According to French tech website FrAndroid, an invite has been sent to members of the French media to a mystery event on 22 March.

The date was the only detail given by Samsung, and it has got the tech world buzzing. After all, Samsung has already said it won’t be launching the S3 at MWC later this month, opting instead for an event of its own.

Clever marketing or real deal?

So could this be it? Possibly, but it’s an unusual choice of location given that Samsung likes to launch its big mobile devices at events in New York.

The whole thing smells very fishy, and it is highly likely that Samsung is putting on this ‘mysterious event’ to keep the S3 hype high ahead of MWC in a couple of weeks.

Having said that, we’ll still be holding our breath in anticipation come the eve of March 22.