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Samsung Galaxy S3 – latest rumour round-up

When it comes to the Galaxy S3, Samsung’s next smartphone offering, we’ve been on a bit of a rollercoaster ride.

There have ups and downs, excitement and disappointment, some juicy rumours and some ludicrous speculation. We’ve loved every minute of it.

Samsung is being unusually unpredictable with its follow-up to the hugely successful, and hugely brilliant, Galaxy S2.

Maybe because it knows it has a hit on its hands and wants to make the most of it, or maybe because it wants maximum impact on Apple’s sales.

Whatever the reason, we simply don’t know where we stand with the South Korean tech giant on the S3. But luckily, the rumour mill is still going strong – giving us plenty to talk about. So what are the latest Galaxy S3 rumours?

Samsung Galaxy S3 launch date

When it comes to the unveiling of the Galaxy S3, we’ve had all sorts of different reports. Initially, people assumed we’d get a look at MWC later this month, but Samsung has categorically ruled this out.

The next thing we heard was speculation over a mysterious Samsung event being held in France in March. Again, Samsung ruled this out.

One thing we know for sure is that Samsung is planning a special Apple-esque event just for the S3, close to the phone’s commercial availability.

Samsung is an Olympic sponsor, so what better time to start advertising your new device than when billions of people are watching?

Samsung Galaxy S3 – slimmest phone ever?

We’ve all heard about the S3’s prospective specs, but it now looks like we could be seeing them crammed into an ultra-thin body.

According to South Korea’s Electronic Times News, the S3 will be just 7mm thick. It won’t quite be the slimmest phone in the world – that title belongs to the 6.68mm Huawei Ascend P1S.

But given the awesome specs that we’ll (probably) be seeing in the S3, 7mm would be something to behold.