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Samsung Galaxy S3 – latest news and rumours

The Galaxy S3, the next smartphone from tech giant Samsung, is one of the most hotly anticipated devices in smartphone history.

The Galaxy S2 was one of the biggest smartphones of 2011, securing Samsung’s reputation as a manufacturer of fantastic phones.

Of course, the S2 wasn’t the only successful device for Samsung last year. The Galaxy Note, the bumper-screened ‘Phablet’ from the South Korean company, has now sold more than ten million units.

So it is little wonder that we’re all waiting with baited breath for the Galaxy S3 – to see if and how Samsung can top these impressive devices.

Samsung Galaxy S3 rumour mill

The tech world rumour mill never sleeps, but it has been working a little harder than usual when it comes to the Galaxy S3.

We’ve had all sorts of salacious gossip over the last few months, with some very exciting and believable titbits to some downright insulting lies.

We’ve certainly enjoyed the ups and downs, but it’s been long enough – we just want to see the S3 now! But until that day, we’ll keep weighing up the news and rumours. So what are the latest developments?

Samsung Galaxy S3 display

This is one of the most recent rumours to start doing the rounds, and is one we can actually see coming true. It concerns the display, with reports suggesting the device will come with a Super AMOLED Plus screen of a 1280 x 720 resolution.

So far, so normal. The exciting bit is that S3’s display will be the first non-pentile OLED display to reach high definition – setting the S3 apart from every other smartphone out there.

Samsung Galaxy S3 launch date

The one rumour we really care about concerns the device’s release date. There have been plenty of them so far – none of which have been true.

The latest rumour was sparked by a leaked image, which puts the release date on 22nd May in London. It could be a complete forgery, but we’ll be keeping the diary free just in case.