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Samsung Galaxy S3 – last minute leaks and rumours

After months of eager anticipation and endless speculation, the week of the Galaxy S3’s unveiling to the world is finally upon us.

It almost feels like we’re eight years old again and this is Christmas Eve. The wait for the latest smartphone from Samsung has gone on for so long it’s almost hard to believe that it will be released into the wild in a matter of hours.

The months leading up to the S3’s release have been a bit of a rollercoaster of emotion, with the tech rumour mill spinning us hither and thither – we’re not quite sure what we’ll do with ourselves once the device is actually here.

Of course, there’ll be plenty of other upcoming hardware for the rumour mongers to sink their teeth into. But what are the last minute Galaxy S3 leaks and rumours?

Galaxy S3 image leaked?

Soon after the launch date was set, an image was leaked to a number of tech blogs and websites appearing to show a new Galaxy S handset.

Any image leak should be taken with a large pinch of salt, but this one was a little more convincing than some of the images we’ve seen over the last few weeks. The device in the image featured a physical button just below the display, as some reports have suggested.

Galaxy S3 to run Windows 8?

Before any eagerly anticipated device is launched, the tech rumour mill likes to bid a fond farewell by spouting as many dubious rumours as it possibly can.

The latest spouting comes from tech site Windows Phone Life, which claims that the first Samsung Windows phone will be the S3, and will be released in October under a different name

Galaxy S3 image leaked again?

Going through all the leaked images claiming to show the S3 would probably break the internet, so we thought we’d bring you just the most up-to-date.

The latest leak shows a device very similar to the one mentioned earlier, with a rounded glass face and physical button at the bottom.