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Samsung Galaxy S3 – hottest leaks so far

It’s fair to say we were all getting a little bit too excited about Samsung’s next smartphone, the Galaxy S3, at the start of this year.

There were endless rumours, days of speculation, and plenty of very heated debate. But when we realised that Samsung seemed to have no intention of releasing the S3 any time soon, we calmed down a little bit.

Only a little bit, mind. There is still plenty to be discussed, and this only going to get more heated as time goes by.

So while we may not be seeing this long-awaited smartphone for a couple of months still, that doesn’t stop us from lapping up every juicy new rumour that comes along.

And nothing gets us quite as excited as a leak from an ‘inside man’ or a ‘trusted source’. Yes, we know they could be pure fabrication, but they’re all we’ve got! So what are the hottest leaks so far?

Samsung Galaxy S3 resolution

Samsung is something of a master in the TV world, and many of us had been hoping for that HD experience to show in the S3.

But according to a leaked User Agent Profile document, an HD display will not be making an appearance. The document claims the S3 will pack a screen resolution of 1024 x 600. It’s not HD standard, but with the 16:9 ratio, the Galaxy S3’s display will not disappoint.

Samsung Galaxy S3 listed on website

OK, so this one’s not really a leak, more of a thinly-veiled confirmation of the Galaxy S3’s existence. A new model number was posted on Samsung’s download centre website, which is thought to be the S3.

It seems silly, but it was nice to know that an S3 does actually exist. While we all knew that one was in the pipeline, it was nice to know we definitely weren’t going crazy.

Samsung Galaxy S3 body

We’ve heard all about the proposed specs for the S3, but a leak to South Korea’s Electronic Times suggests that they’ll be packed into a 7mm thick body – making the S3 one of the thinnest smartphones in the world.