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Samsung Galaxy S3 – Fresh Rumours Start Doing the Rounds

It feels like ages since we had a new and juicy rumour for the Samsung Galaxy S3. We had been getting used to at least a couple every day, but it has been a bit quiet of late.

But it seems rumours for the S3 are like buses – you wait ages for one then three come along at once. But unlike buses, these rumours are pretty exciting.

We still have no word from Samsung about a release date, with the rumoured April launch seeming less and less like with every passing day.

And while we like to treat every rumour with an obligatory air of suspicion, we have to thank the rumour mill for keeping us sane over the past couple of months. What on Earth would we do without it?

So what new bouts of gossip, rumour and speculation has the internet thrown up this time around? Here is our round up of the latest S3 rumours.

Samsung Galaxy S3 in production?

One of the most tantalising rumours doing the rounds at the moment is that the Galaxy S3 has now entered production.

The rumour comes from Russian rumour-king Eldar Murtazin, a tech blogger who is sometimes right and sometimes very wrong. Nevertheless, we’re willing to believe Murtazin for the time being, simply because we want it to be true.

Ceramic case for the Samsung Galaxy S3?

Reports have been claiming that we’ll a ceramic case for the new Galaxy smartphone – a slightly odd claim to say the least.

Ceramics do offer some benefits, such as being lightweight and scratchproof. But they aren’t very strong, and can easily break if dropped. They’re also more expensive, so we’re not sure if Samsung is going to want to go down this route.

Waterproof Samsung Galaxy S3?

Talk of a waterproof S3 has been ongoing for some time, but new weight has been lent to the claims by our friends over at Tech Radar.

They claim that electronics waterproofing company P2i has been talking to ‘large Korean manufacturers’ about making their phones waterproof.