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Samsung Galaxy S3 countdown: top Android-only apps

Smartphone users have never had it so good. Every manufacturer worth its salt has weighed in with a device of some kind, giving us more choice than ever before.

And 2012 will be no different, with smartphones getting smaller, slimmer, quicker and generally much better.

One of the most exciting smartphones due for release soon is the Samsung Galaxy S3. With Samsung’s track record of making fantastic phones, the Galaxy S3 is set to be one of the best of the year.

This great piece of kit is due to go on sale around March, and we can hardly wait. So in preparation for one of the most anticipated phones in a long time, what are the best apps exclusively for Android?

Google Gesture Search

As this app comes from Google itself, it’s little wonder it’s only available on Android. And like many of Google’s products, it’s pretty cool.

Want to find something on your phone? Simply draw a letter on the screen with your finger, and the Gesture Search app will find everything containing that letter, from contacts to songs to other apps.


This app has been around for years, and has been downloaded by millions of Android users the world over.

Ringdroid lets you turn any MP3, WAV or ARM file into a ringtone, notification or alarm. And if that wasn’t enough, the app has a record function so you can create your very own ringtone.

Google Finance

For any business types out there, the Google Finance app is a must-have. This will keep you updated with those all-important stocks and shares.

Flash Player 11

The distinct lack of Flash Player on iOS has been well publicised, not least by Google. So why not take advantage of that fact and get the Flash player app?

Google Maps

OK, so Google maps is available on iOS, but it doesn’t give you the turn-by-turn navigation that comes with the Android version.

The Android app has navigation as standard, so you can use it without any additional software. On top of this, the app will also evaluate traffic patterns.

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