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Samsung Galaxy Note – What’s the Secret of its Success?

If you thought that oversized smartphones would never last in an already overcrowded market, then think again.

Samsung has just announced that it has sold more than five million Galaxy Notes worldwide – after just five months on sale in Europe.

It’s an impressive feat, especially since reviews of the phone-cum-tablet, or ‘phablet’, were less than complementary of the device’s size.

That is not to say that the Galaxy Note is not a very impressive smartphone. The specs can’t be denied, and the screen size does deliver some very impressive visuals.

And those merits have turned into cold hard sales, with phablet fans the world over lapping up the device in their millions.

In February, Samsung announced that it had sold more than two million Galaxy Notes. Now just one month on, that figure has more than doubled. So what makes the Galaxy Note so popular?

Galaxy Note Specs

The specs of a device are as good a place to start as any, and the Note’s are up there with the best. It features a dual-core 1.4 GHz Exynos processor on the inside, as well as 32GB of internal storage.

Running Android 2.3 Gingerbread, the device also features a very decent 8MP camera to match that huge screen.

Galaxy Note Display

The bumper screen was a source of frustration for some reviewers, with many claiming the size makes it physically impossible to hold the device comfortably.

But for many users, the large screen is worth its slightly cumbersome nature. The 5.2-inch WXGA Super AMOLED display delivers superb picture quality.

On top of this, the sheer size of it means that videos are easier to watch, pictures look better, and websites are far easier to navigate.

For many people the Galaxy Note’s success will be truly confounding. For others it is easy to see why the phablet has done so well. But as far as Samsung is concerned, it doesn’t matter.