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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 – release date, news and rumours

With the Galaxy Note, Samsung pulled an Apple and effectively created a new market for itself – the ‘phablet’ market.

Admittedly, the phablet market hasn’t quite taken off in the same way as, say, the tablet market. But the Galaxy Note defied the odds and was a runaway success.

It was an ambitious move by Samsung, to create a device that was too small to be called a tablet and in danger of being too big to appeal to the mass smartphone market.

But appeal it did, and Samsung reported in June that it has shifted seven million units – despite a mixed reception upon its release last year. Samsung has wasted no time in pressing ahead with a follow-up, which we’ll be seeing very soon.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 release date

After months of speculation and debate, we finally have a launch date at the end of August for the Galaxy Note.

A spokesman for Samsung said:

“We plan to unveil the next Galaxy Note at the Samsung Mobile Unpacked event in Berlin on August 29,”

It’s unlikely we’ll have to wait too long to see the device in the shops following the launch, so we could see a head-to-head between Apple (whose iPhone 5 is expected around the same) and Samsung. That’ll make a change, won’t it?

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 rumours

We may have finally got a launch date pinned down for the Note 2, but that’s about all we really know for sure at the moment.

Rumours abound that we’re going to see an even bigger display on the Note’s follow-up, as if 5.3-inches wasn’t enough.

We could see a Super AMOLED display of a whopping 5.5-inches, and an improved resolution of 1680×1050. As for the OS, don’t expect Jelly Bean any time soon – Samsung won’t want to dampen Galaxy S3 sales with an improved OS just yet.

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