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Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 – what you need to know

Mobile World Congress is fast approaching, and we are preparing ourselves to be suitably amazed at what the best mobile manufacturers have to offer.

This year is set to be a pretty special one, with some very impressive new smartphones and the odd tablet or two to marvel at.

But there has already been one disappointment, and MWC hasn’t even started yet. We’re talking of course, about the Galaxy S3, or lack thereof.

But that is just one little device (albeit a very good one, probably); there are plenty of other excellent devices set for the Barcelona event.

And while we aren’t getting the S3 just yet, and Samsung isn’t holding a press conference at MWC this year, there is still some exciting news from the South Korean tech giant.

Galaxy Note 10.1 at MWC?

Rumours have been circulating that we could be seeing a tablet-sized version of the Samsung Galaxy Note at MWC, dubbed the Galaxy Note 10.1.

OK, so it’s not exactly news from Samsung itself, but there have been a number of reasons for this speculation that means the new tablet is all but confirmed.

Firstly, the Galaxy Note 10.1 was included alongside the original Note in Samsung’s MWC Developer Day invitation. We won’t know for sure until the event, but this evidence is more concrete than a lot of tech rumours we’ve seen in the past.

Secondly, a casting call for a new Samsung advert featured on Samsung’s website, advertising the role of a Galaxy Note 10.1 user. The shooting for the advert was due to start in early February, which suggests an MWC launch.

Galaxy Note 10.1 specs

We’ve had nothing on what’ll be under the bonnet of the Note 10.1, but it is rumoured to feature the stylus pen that came with the 5.3 inch ‘phablet’.

But it has also been reported that we’ll see a larger Galaxy Tab at MWC this year, so yet another seems a little odd. But then again, it would put an end to Samsung’s patent battles.