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Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 – what you need to know

At the moment, when we hear the word ‘Samsung’ we immediately think ‘Galaxy S3’ – we’ve been debating and discussing this exciting device for what seems like years.

But apparently, Samsung makes other phones too. Who knew? And not only that, but it is going to be touting a couple of updated models at this year’s MWC.

We were all disappointed at Samsung’s announcement that the S3 wouldn’t be making an appearance in Barcelona this year.

But we have to move on, and look to what Samsung actually is doing at MWC this year. And by the looks of things, it’s planning to go all low-end on us, with the unveiling of a new Galaxy Ace.

At last year’s MWC, Samsung positively spoilt us with new hardware. And this year, it is building on its popularity with some exciting updates to users’ favourites.

One of the low-end devices getting a well-earned update is the Samsung Galaxy Ace. Unveiled at MWC last year, the Ace was never going to win gadget of the century, but it proved itself to be an affordable, reliable piece of hardware.

And now Galaxy Ace 2 is winging its way to Barcelona, set for a showcase at the event. So what can we expect from this smartphone?

Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 specs

For a low-end device that won’t break the bank, the Ace 2’s specs look like they’re pretty decent, and a worthwhile upgrade from the original.

Gone is the single-core 800MHz processor, replaced by a dual-core model. We’ll also being seeing a good amount of storage at 4GB, as well as 768MB of RAM.

Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 display

The Ace’s display has also been improved in the new model – bumping up the resolution from 320 x 480 to 480 x 800.

And the screen is bigger this time around, up to 3.8 inches from 3.5 inches. The 5MP camera remains the same, but it can now deliver 720p video.

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