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Samsung, Dell, HP… best ultrabooks at CES 2012

The Consumer Electronics Show is sadly about over for another year. Once again the Las Vegas tech trade show did not disappoint, giving us all sorts to talk about and look forward to.

There were all kinds of new gadgets, innovative extras, and futuristic software on display. But one of the standout pieces of kit from CES this year is the ultrabook.

These next-gen laptops have been plodding away in the background for a while now, but CES marked the start of their assault on the market in 2012.

There was a raft of ultrabooks on display at CES, as manufacturers clamoured to show how thin and how fast their devices are.

But with so many of these ultra-thin, ultra-fast laptops set to hit our stores, how do you choose? Here is our pick of the best ultrabooks at CES this year.

Samsung Series 5 Ultra

With Samsung doing so well in the smartphone market, it’s easy to forget that it can make a damn good laptop. And the Series 5 Ultra is no different.

With an Intel Core i5 processor and up to 8GB of memory, the Samsung Series 5 Ultra is available as a 13 or 14 inch model. At 14 to 17mm thick, this one is a little chunkier than some other ultrabooks, but still weighs in at a featherweight 1.38kg.

Dell XPS 13

Never to be outdone in the computer market, Dell has also joined the ever-expanding ultrabook party with the XPS 13.

Once again boasting an Intel Core i5 processor, this ultrabook comes in at 18mm thick at the back and a tiny 6mm at the front.

HP Envy 14 Spectre

This ultrabook is at the wrong end of the scale when it comes to weight (1.8kg) and thickness (20mm), but it is a very good looking piece of kit.

With a 14 inch display and a 120GB SSD, one of the Envy 14 Spectre’s mains draws is its bumper battery life – an impressive nine hours.

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