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Samsung Announce Release Date of Galaxy Tab 10.1

Tech giants Samsung have recently announced the official UK release date of their new Galaxy Tab 10.1

Tablet fans will be pleased to know they can purchase the new gadget as of 4th August this year.

Samsung claim the device is the ‘slimmest, lightest and smartest tablet’.

Well it will certainly have no competition in claiming that it’s the slimmest tablet. Weighing just 565 grams, it is the world’s thinnest mobile tablet to date. That’s right, even thinner than the latest Apple iPad 2.

The latest version of the Galaxy Tablet features new and improved tech specs on the original 7inch device such as a 10.1inch WXGA TFTLCD screen.

What sets this new tablet apart from the rest? Well it does have the almost industry standard requirement of a front and rear camera.. But Samsung have gone for a lower resolution camera than previous models.

The rear camera is a mere 3MP but that is 3X higher than the iPad2.

Alongside cameras comes videos, the tablet does features 1080op HD video as well as Flash playback.

It also features a 1 GHz dual core processor which is required for watching films, playing games and reading books.

Let’s not forget the music, the Samsung Galaxy tab features a pre loaded Music Hub allowing users to access 13 million songs.

Its size and weight (or lack of) makes it the ideal balance between a pick up and go Amazon kindle and a stunning HD screen tablet for film watching.

The tablet operates on the new Android Honeycomb system, version 3.1 that gives users the chance to resize the widgets and scroll through open apps in a ‘recent apps’ list.

The Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1 falls short when it comes to having a USB port as it doesn’t have one! But, on the plus side the device comes in a sleek black or white finish.

Samsung have also announced that the Galaxy Tab 8.9 will join the family later this year and like the 10.1 version is incredibly light and mobile.