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Samsung 40″ C8000 is the business.

Samsung UE40C8000

Rating: ★★★★★

The first thing to look for in a television is the quality if the images and the Samsung UE40C8000 certainly doesn’t disappoint, with faultless, bright, dynamic pictures even from relatively meagre sources such as SD input or xvid files.This is made possibly by a 200Hz refresh rate and Samsung’s 3D Hypereal Engine and Wide Colour Enhancer Plus technologies. To get the most from this there are a myriad of settings buried in the menus which you may feel need tweaking, although this is a complex and possibly time consuming process. There’s also no ultra quick way of switching between, say, the movie and dynamic settings, which would be useful.

Similarly with the sound, which can also be tweaked to the nth degree, but is crisp and about as much as you can expect from flat speakers built-in to the back of the set.

The 8000 series features a nice silver bezel and finish, giving it a pleasing, distinctive look against the usual black which seems to the fashion at present. The remote control also complements this, itself coming with a silver finish. This 40″ version gives a nice sized screen without appearing to dwarf the rest of the room as some of the larger sets do.

Internet on your TV will perhaps become a more important feature than the current 3D fad. On this TV this is provided by Samsung’s @Internet service which comes in the form of a number of apps or widgets, providing a walled garden segment of the internet. These can be updated, changed or be added to as Samsung improves the service. Currently the most prominent apps are the BBC’s iPlayer, Youtube and Yahoo’s widgets. You can also access any photos you’ve uploaded to services such as Flickr or Picasa, so you can bore your friends with your holiday snaps in larger and more grisly detail than ever before! Naturally, it also makes it easier for them to return the favour.

The Samsung UE40C8000 also possesses a range of eco-friendly features designed to keep power consumption to a minimum if required and uses less than 0.1W of energy in stand-by mode, which equates to approximately 17p a year. Good news for the cost conscious and the environment.

One minor niggle is that the HMDI ports are mounted sideways and close to edge of the frame. This means that HDMI cables can protrude from the edge of the set in an unsightly manner. It is possible to get cables with swivelling connectors relatively cheaply if this offends your sensibilities greatly.

Oh, and it also supports 3D, including 3D to 2D AND 2D to 3D conversion on-the-fly, which although it’s one of the latest features that most reviewers seem to focus on, given the amount of content currently available isn’t really one that will be the focus of your attention.

All-in-all a fine and feature-rich television which would be a boon to any home.


  • Styling
  • Upscaling Picture
  • Picture Quality
  • Internet Connectivity


  • HDMI port position.
  • Complex settings.
  • Price


This is a superb television which would grace any living room.

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