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Ruggedness with Added Bang with the Fujifilm FinePix XP30

Fujifilm XP-30BLK 14MP Digital Camera

Rating: ★★★★☆

With more and more compact cameras hitting the market that claim to be waterproof, shock proof, dust proof and overall, tougher than their predecessors, I really wanted to put them to the test.

Here you’ll find my personal review on the Fujifilm FinePix XP30.

The Fujifilm FinePix XP30 is a rugged water, freeze, shock and dust proof camera that features built-in GPS so you always know where your photos were taken. The XP30 also offers a 14 megapixel sensor, 720p HD movies, 5x zoom lens and a 2.7 inch LCD screen.

The XP30 has quite a heavy, sturdy body for such a small compact camera and this is thanks to it’s high build quality.

The camera’s function buttons are neatly designed with minimal fuss, allowing the user to quickly navigate through the menus to select the appropriate shooting mode where necessary.

It’s 2.7 inch display screen is nice and bright and of a good size although the underwater facilities on this are quite restricted. This is due to the fact that it’s only capable of reaching a 5m or 16ft depth, which sounds sufficient, but when you are looking to scuba dive and explore the depths of the sea, 5m isn’t that far.

The start up time is quite quick on the Fujifilm FinePix XP30 at less than a second although you have to hold the power button down for longer than is normal on a digital compact camera. Focusing is also relatively fast and there are three types of focusing available on the camera. As well as standard and face detection, there is also a AF subject tracker found in the menu system.

The 5x optical zoom is pretty responsive. However, one issue I noticed during playback of a video I had recorded was the noise that it made whilst re-framing, which spoilt my footage a little.

A really neat feature of this camera is it’s geo tagging. This function works in a similar way to a GPS satellite navigation unit in the way that it communicates with a satellite to give the precise location of the camera. As you record the GPS information, you can have it displayed on the screen in longitude and latitude when you’re reviewing your pictures in the playback menu. You can also add place names and search for them in the menu system.

This allows you to also create a photobook documentary using the Fujifilm software that comes with thecamera. The GPS system will also let you know how far away you are from the location of a previously taken picture using the GPS from that picture.

To enable the tracking, you must press the left button of the navigation pad and then press it again if you want to cancel it.

I particularly like the fact you can quickly and easily switch from still camera mode to video function mode without having to go through dial modes.

One of my favourite features on this camera is it’s panoramic mode. This is especially great for holidays when you want to capture all the scenery to show off to your friends and family on your return.  It not only helps you carefully place your pictures in the viewfinder thanks to it’s handy guide tool, but it also stitches your image together without having to use software on your PC after shooting. So, you can immediately review your panoramic scene and revel in how stunning it looks!

The Fujifilm FinePix XP30 uses a lithium ion battery which fits in the side of the camera and shares space with the SD/SDHC/SDXC memory card. I found the battery life pretty poor in comparison to other compact cameras, but I believe this was because I had the GPS function switched on. Using the GPS in the always on position drained the battery in 24 hours while using it when just switched on doesn’t deplete it as much. Not only this, you are able to insert the battery in the slot even if it’s the wrong way round and it’s only when you try and switch the unit on, that you realise it’s not in the correct way round.


For a traveller or a family in need of a camera for under £200 that is to be used in a variety of situations from action packed days out and holidays, the Fujifilm FinePix XP30 performs sufficiently to capture your memories but don’t expect professional quality images and videos.

Sample Images

Here is a selection of images taken with this camera:-


  • purse friendly price tag
  • easy to use
  • stylish design


  • poor battery life
  • pictures could be better quality


The XP30 is a keenly priced and has a stylish design. It is extremely easy to use and thoughtfully laid out with regard to it’s controls and is quite capable of taking decent images and videos, especially for those all important holiday moments.

The addition of GPS functionality is a great feature, it’s just a shame it has negative effects on the battery life. My main bug bear with this camera is with it’s lens sharpness and image noise.

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