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RHA MA450i Noise Isolating Aluminium Earphones with Remote and Microphone

RHA MA450i

Rating: ★★★★☆


When it comes to first impressions, The RHA MA-450i earphones certainly stand out from the crowd with their signature aerophonic design.

The buds are machined from solid aluminium and house a 10mm driver. The cables are made from 1.5m of fabric-braided material to help minimise tangling and offer an inline remote control that’s compatible with the iPhone and iPods.

The remote sits on the right-hand ear bud and has three buttons on the shiny unit which include the volume up and down buttons as well as play/pause which double as the call remote button. A double-click of the inline remote will change tracks. Holding the inline remote button for a couple seconds will engage the Voice Control function of your iPhone.

The earphones come with a choice of seven pairs of soft silicone ear-tips ranging in sizes to ensure a really comfortable fit and instead of being completely black like most other tips, these are all finished in orange and black, apart from one pair that are completely black. The earbuds are very lightweight,  are small enough to fit closely to your head and are pleasantly comfortable for long periods of use. The 1.5m braided cable is long enough to enable you to keep you mobile whilst enjoying your music collection or taking a call without getting tangled up, or being a tripping hazard.

RHA have also thrown in a handy felt carry case to keep the earphones secure during your travels. However, I must add here that the cables didn’t appear to like being placed in and out of the bag, causing them to tangle in places.


When it comes to performance, the earphones appear to bias bass notes than the higher scale end.

I noticed some rather annoying “hissing” when artists were singing words with the letter “s”.  Also, if symbols were used on a drumming session, they seemed to overpower the rest of the instruments and the artist, which was rather distracting at times.

 That’s not to say that overall performance wasn’t impressive. The MA450i, mid’s and high frequencies were well balanced and the overall sound was very nice especially with continuous listening.

Thanks to the completely closed design, these earphones coped well with noise isolation too, making them ideal for the workplace for taking calls or listening to your music collection on your train journey.

At just under £40 a pair, these earphones aren’t too pricey for their performance, comfort and the accessories they provide resulting in a pretty good package for the money.

If you want reassurance of their durability, then you’ll be pleased to know that these little gems are built to last. This is thanks to the aircraft-grade aluminium which encases the the headphones as well as the scratch-resistant finish. Plus, the copper cables are reinforced with fabric braiding to reduce tangling and increases their overall portability and durability.

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  • Good bass reproduction
  • Inline remote
  • Braided cables
  • Generous ear tip selection


  • Top end issues


These RHA MA-450i in-ear headphones are a modern, classy pair of earphones with a handy inline remote control for iPhones and iPods.

Apart from the slightly misplaced high notes, the MA450i offer a well rounded, bass favouring sound with dynamic performance that suits most genres of music.

With their solid build and design, I feel that these earphones would fair well with substantial use. Plus, thanks to their closed design, the MA450i earphones would suit commuters using public transport as they would benefit from the good level of noise isolation.

All of this for just short of £40 and your have yourselves a top performing, durable pair of earphones that offer great value for your precious pennies.

For more information, visit the RHA website!

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