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Rovio launches new game: Can it match up to Angry Birds?

Rovio, the creators of Angry Birds, has added a brand new edition to its gaming empire, and with a name like Amazing Alex it will certainly have a lot to live up to.

Although the game was purchased last year, Rovio has poured time into giving it a graphics overhaul and a structure that echoes the popular Angry Birds format.

However, gaming fans may be a little dismayed that Amazing Alex, available on iOS or Android, costs 64p whereas Angry Birds is still available on Android for free.

Rovio was also rumoured to have clocked up 50 or so game failures before hitting the big time with the Angry Birds, so whether the new offering will be hit or miss will be up to gamers to decide.

Amazing Alex: What’s it all about?

The official trailer doesn’t give much away, but does show the main character to be an all-American style youngster with a passion for baseball and a love for crazy experiments.

On the game’s official website, Alex is described in the following way:  “With his boundless imagination, this whiz kid turns everything into adventure! From cleaning his room to battling cardboard robots in his backyard, Alex creates amazing chain reactions to get the job done.”

The game also boast physics puzzles, 100 levels, free updates as well as the chance for users to create and share their own levels using 35 interactive objects.

Amazing Alex: Can it really lure fans away from Angry Birds?

One of the main attractions of Angry Birds is the ‘us versus them’ dynamic between angry avians and the porky baddies. Players are driven by a need to outwit the game’s swines and return the eggs to their rightful owners.

Without an arch enemy, or an ongoing battle that appeals to our sense of justice, can Amazing Alex really keep players wanting more? With the release of the Tiny Wings sequel hot on the game’s heels, I can imagine what direction most gamers will be flying in.

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