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Fifa 12 is undoubtedly one of the best football games we’ve ever played. The graphics are great, and the game is more realistic than ever.

This is largely down to some genius changes in the game play – Precision Dribbling, Tactical Defending and the Player Impact Engine.

All three new software developments make FIFA 12 a very realistic game. But it is the Player Impact Engine that has given us the most entertainment.

The software is extremely high-tech, factoring in huge amounts of data on each player’s build, weight and momentum to determine the outcome of collisions between players.

This gives the game its realism. But the occasional glitch in the beta version has thrown up some very surreal scenarios.

Rooney can fly

The Manchester United star looks to be heading for a fall after a collision with a goalkeeper. But in a gravity-defying piece of skill, Rooney levitates before hitting the ground and floats smoothly into a goal celebration.

Carroll and Fabianski enjoy a snog

Liverpool striker Andy Carroll is not known for his emotional side. But when he scores a goal against Arsenal, he can’t resist giving Arsenal goalkeeper Fabianski a quick kiss.

Fabianski seems more than pleased about this display of affection, leaning into return the kiss and turning it into a full-blown snog in the process.

Messi breaks his leg

We knew Messi was good, but being able to stay on the pitch despite having your leg bent up the wrong way is very impressive.

Heskey tribute

Less of a glitch in the game, more of a glitch in Emile Heskey himself. This FIFA 12 tribute to Emile ‘The Powerhouse’ Heskey shows the great man doing what he does best: repeatedly missing the target, making dodgy tackles and generally being a bit of a bulldozer.

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