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Ricoh Offers High-Speed Focus Compact Cameras

A newly developed CX5 digital camera from Ricoh is to be launched with wide angle features, high magnification and loads more upgrades.

If you are in a hurry, or often find rare picture opportunities come and go in a flash, literally, then the CX5 may be the camera for you.

Its AF focusing time is reduced to 0.2 seconds from its predecessors so you can catch those moments, and get a good close up shot that you can rely on for good quality.

Other capabilities include a high magnification 10.7 x optical zoom (28-300 mm) lens which allows for both wide-angle and telephoto shots within those two important seconds.

The super-resolution technology allows the CX5 to record images with improved resolution.

There are new modes such as Cooking, Fireworks, and Continuous Golf Swing scene mode, so photos taken in these situations turn out as good as those taken of people standing still.

The camera is available in three colours: a cool and trendy black; a new-age silver; or a bright and vibrant pink.

The high definition LCD monitor has a wide viewing angle and high contrast, with anti-reflection capabilities and a hard coat to prevent scratches so it will always capture excellent visuals, even in direct sunlight.

Digital Cameras: Up Close and Personal

When on the lookout for a new digital camera, there are a few main points to consider.

These are mainly: what type of resolution you require, whether you want it to come with high definition qualities, focus speeds and features, and any extra modes that help the photographer take a picture in different settings. Some even come with the ability to record video.

Different digital cameras will offer either all of these at different levels or only a few specific features, and which one you choose depends on what you need the camera for and how good a photographer you are.