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Reward Yourself for Getting Fit and Healthy

Everyone needs a little motivation to stay healthy… especially in the cold winter months.

So I thought I’d give you the extra encouragement you may need to quit smoking or cut down on your alcohol consumption.

But instead of lectures, loads of stats and gruesome pictures, I’ve gone for a more novel approach of showing all the great techology you could buy with the money you’ll save from giving up certain unhealthy pursuits.

TVs, Home Cinema Systems, Fridges and iPads, you can have it all and hopefully live a little longer to boot feeling a lot better about yourself on the inside and out.

Giving Up Smoking

Everyone knows that smoking can kill, but it also severely damages your wallet – as well as your lungs! Department of Health figures estimate that someone with a 20-a-day habit will spend between £1,800 and £2,400 a year on cigarettes. Now think about what you can spend that money on instead. Giving up the fags for 12 months could turn your front room into
your own mini cinema – purchasing:

A top of the range 46” Smart TV from Samsung that gives you telly in HD, 3D and over the net with the most vivid colours and pictures you’ll have ever seen.

Add to that this Blu-ray Home Cinema System from Panasonic so you get superb 5.1 Surround Sound to match those perfect pictures and with the coolest-looking tower speakers on the market.

What’s that? You’ve still got a bit of cash to spare! Then add this Kenwood TV stand to house everything.

Even if your smoking is simply social, maybe just a packet or two each month, then stop now and you’ll still save enough for this DAB Wi-Fi clock radio from Pure.

Make’s quitting that little bit easier, doesn’t it?

Cut Out Takeaways

A study last month found the average Brit enjoys 46 takeaways every year, spending a total of £275. The report, by Benenden Healthcare Society, said that the UK’s favourites were calorific burgers, pizzas, Chinese and Indian dishes, fish and chips and kebabs. But how about buying this gorgeous silver frost free fridge freezer from Beko with the money instead? That way you can store lots of lovely nutritious food inside, instead of buying the unhealthy stuff in!

You can find more ideas on kitchen gadgets to help you eat more healthy in our related article.

Stop Driving, Start Walking

Getting in a car isn’t necessarily bad for you, although think of all the exercise you’re missing out on. Walking or cycling to work, to the shops or on any other daily journey can help you shed the pounds and means you’re getting the Government’s recommended 30 minutes of exercise.

What’s more you’ll save cash by filling up with less petrol and cutting down on wear and tear on you vehicle. If you can eliminate 1,000 miles this way, it will save you around £400 – which is exactly the cash you need for an Apple iPad. You’ll feel more animated too, so you can really get the most out of the millions of apps available to download.

Knock Alcohol On The Head

The Science and Technology Committee of the House of Commons is aptly named for a piece on gadgets – and its advice is pretty good too. The MPs have suggested that everyone needs at least two days a week completely clear of alcohol – finding that such abstention reduces the risk of liver disease and alcoholism and generally protects all-round health.

Swapping beer, wine and spirits for water on those two days will save you money too – around £500-1000 a year if you’re a moderate home drinker. Happily this is the cost of something even more enjoyable than booze – a brand-new Ultrabook, the latest in laptops and 2012′s hottest technology.

You can find out more about them in our Ultrabook Buying Guide.

Cut Down On Caffeine

Tea and coffee won’t rot your lungs or liver, but medical studies have proven that drinking too much caffeine increases the risk of strokes and heart attacks. Those posh coffee shops look attractive, but go once or twice less each month and you’ll save around £100 – which is the perfect amount to buy a nice gift for that special someone in your life.

So how about this Remington Pearl hair straightener for the lady?

Or an unbreakable mini camcorder for the sporty gent?

Find more ways to get healthy and stay fit with our rundown of some of the best fitness gadgets around.

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