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Review of BT’s Digital Video Baby Monitor 1000

BT 1000 Baby Video Monitor

Rating: ★★★☆☆

The BT 1000 Baby Video Monitor is cleverly designed and laid out to ensure a really simple, user friendly experience.

Design & Features

Looking firstly at the camera unit, I was impressed with the ability to adjust the positioning of the lens thanks to a flexible hinge. This meant I was able to pull a tab at the top of the camera forwards and point it into the perfect position without the need to move and shift the entire unit. Whatsmore, the unit comes complete with a wall-mounting kit so you can ensure the monitor is safely and securely positioned for a more permanent feature, i.e so there’s no risk of your little one playing with it or moving it if its close by!

Options found on the camera unit are the power on/off button, music button to play and stop the lullabies (5 to choose from), volume controls, skip button and a built in microphone. At the back of the camera, there is the temperature sensor, power socket for the mains to be plugged in, antenna and battery compartment.

The camera unit is quite bulky so if you are looking for a more subtle, unobtrusive monitor for your nursery, this may not be the one for you.

The parent unit has an impressively large 2.8″ screen and easy to follow menu options. These include: battery alert if it becomes too low, sensitivity settings, temperature min-max options, vibration, sound activation, LCD brightness, pairing new cameras (you can add up to 4 extra cameras and control them all from the main unit) and finally language settings.

Sound & Picture

The sound quality is quite impressive too with very little interference however, the basic range of music available is a bit of a disappointment. A more fruitful selection would be ideal with an option to add your personal mp3 player would make this model more appealing, especially as other brands are already offering these options on their models now.

Unfortunately, the picture quality on the video was extremely poor compared with other models I have tested previously. The image displayed was soft and very fuzzy, making it extremely difficult to view my daughter’s position in her cot. On a plus note however, the day and night mode adjusts automatically, meaning I never had to worry about remembering to switch it over.

Range and Talk Back Options

The range on the monitor is good with a 50m distance indoors and 300m outdoors.

The two-way talk feature is a nice option allowing you to speak to your baby and reassure him/her if he/she gets upset without the need to re-enter their room.

Both the camera and parent unit sat reassuringly well on most surfaces thanks to the grip pads on the base, stopping them from slipping or moving around.


  • Flexible Camera
  • Sound Quality
  • Talk Back Feature


  • Small Selection of Lullabies
  • Picture Quality of Video


It’s a real shame the quality of the image displayed on the video was so poor as it lets what would otherwise be a great video monitor down.  If they could address this along with adding a few more lullabies and the option to connect a personal mp3 player, I think this model could be greatly improved.

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