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Resident Evil 6 given the thumbs down by reviewers

Just a day after launch of Resident Evil 6 for PS3 and Xbox 360, reviewers have been quick to dub the latest title in the end-of-world epic an instant flop.

Casting a critical eye over the game, one reviewer wrote that Resident Evil 6 is “one of the most repetitive, listless, and utterly incoherent experiences ever produced by a major videogame series.” Another argued that it was a “step back for the series”.

Resident Evil 6: The bad

Among the range of features panned by the critics included the game’s far-fetched plot twists and collection of action scenarios that are strung together in a haphazard manner.

With reviewers stacking up against the shooter game, gamers may wonder whether they are really that keen to pick up where the Raccoon city incident left off. Here’s the case for Resident Evil 6.

Resident Evil 6: The good

A review of the game in the New York Times was a lot more favourable and argued that although monsters, zombies and dodgy one-liners are still present on Resident Evil 6, the sense of surprise and adventure has definitely been ramped up.

After all, there’s certainly no shortage of car chases, shootouts in secret paramilitary installations and exploding helicopters.

Particular praise was directed for a feature of the game said to have been borrowed from 2009 hit game Demon’s Souls.

One reviewer said:

“Players can invade the sessions of others online and cause them untold grief. This makes what would have been a single-player game much more interesting,”

“Human-controlled characters are typically more difficult to fend off than the dumbed-down, predictable, computer-controlled ones.”

Resident Evil 6: The verdict

Other plus points for the game from other reviewers include the fact that the game includes one excellent campaign, improved controls and a stronger co-op mode.

While Resident Evil 6 does have redeeming qualities, the jury still seems to be out as to whether the game will attract a loyal following. Resident Evil 7 anyone?

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