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Remington Pearl Straighteners

Remington S9500 Pearl Hair Straighteners

Rating: ★★★★★

Chic and Stylish

Before I even looked inside the box, I was pleasantly surprised at the trendy packaging.

The straighteners themselves present a sassy sleek design with a high-gloss black finish contrasted with shimmery pearlescent and oriental cherry blossom!

I found the long slim ceramic plates extremely easy to use and I could straighten large sections of my hair in one go. The handles felt very comfortable to hold and they effortless glided through my hair during straightening. There was no snagging and my hair felt unbelievably silky, smooth and shiny after use.

The time it took for these to heat up was amazing. In only 10 seconds, they reached the maximum temperature of 235 degrees, which is excellent if you are getting ready in a hurry. The variable heat control is a neat feature that allows you to decrease it from its maximum of 235 degrees all the way down to 150 degrees for those of you with delicate, fine hair. You can even lock the temperature so you don’t accidentally change it whilst styling.

How do they work?

Advanced Ceramic Ultimate with real pearl is a dual-layer, sol-gel based ceramic coating. In standard and solid ceramic hair straighteners, a single layer, sol-gel based ceramic is used. These ceramic coatings commonly contain 70 to 80 per cent ceramic content, but when the layer is doubled as in the Pearl Straightener, the all-important ceramic content increases by 42 per cent. This double application improves every other aspect of the straighteners.

Safety needn’t be a worry

The Pearl Straighteners come with a built-in auto shut-off function which takes effect after 60 minutes. So, if you dash out of the house for your appointment and forget to turn them off, you needn’t worry! They even come with a lock to keep the plates closed together for easy storage and the 3m long cable means you can style without the need to be right next to a power socket.

Whatsmore, they come complete with an attractive, chic heat proof pouch which is ideal for travelling or just to add to your pouch collection!


  • easy to use
  • heat up in 10 seconds
  • long cord
  • sassy pouch included


  • none


A really stylish set of straighteners that deliver professional styling results with ease. A first-class product!

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