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Rayman Origins hits stores

Rayman is back! Ubisoft’s ever popular limbless character has returned to our consoles for Rayman Origins.

Available on Xbox, Wii, and PS3, Rayman Origins is a happy return to simple platform gaming, and is a refreshing respite from the Christmas onslaught of heavy shoot ‘em ups and RPGs.

That is not to say that Rayman Origins is a basic game by any stretch of the imagination. Ubisoft have pulled out all the stops to bring us an enchanting gaming world.

As you may have guessed, Rayman Origins takes us back to the early times of Rayman himself. Set in the Glade of Dreams, Origins takes us on a journey to save Rayman’s world.

Fans of the Rayman series will be in heaven, as old favourites return (remember Betilla the Fairy?), while new features slot effortlessly into Rayman’s world.

Impressive graphics

One of the most impressive things about Origins is the graphics. Every character, level and background look they have been hand drawn by a Disney animator, giving the game a cinematic feel.

But Rayman Origins takes us back to more than just the start of Rayman himself. It is reminiscent of how games used to be, before we got all sophisticated.

The game play is as solid as you’d expect from this reliable series. And with six different worlds offering over 60 levels, you certainly get your money’s worth.

So far, Rayman Origins has failed to break into the top 40 chart. It is a travesty, but unsurprising given the sheer volume of titles – like Modern Warfare 3 – available in the run up to Christmas.

Some reviewers have criticised the game’s story line of being a little too predictable, and therefore forgettable. Also, many of the levels are very frustrating and some of the boss battles leave much to be desired.

But we can’t stay mad at Rayman for too long, and Rayman Origins is brilliant return for the series that will have fans rejoicing.