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Quick Tap: Transactions with the Swipe of your Mobile

Orange has teamed up with Barclaycard to offer tech lovers a new and easy way of making purchases through their mobile phones.

Quick Tap is the UK’s first contactless mobile phone payments service, allowing mobile phone users to purchase items £15 and under by tapping their mobile handset against a contactless reader.

This is truly how shopping will be in the future, although already 50,000 stores have a contactless reader in the UK.  Everything you will ever need will soon be stored on your mobile phone – better not lose it in that case.

“This is the first time that customers can use their mobile to pay for goods and services in shops across the UK rather than using cards of cash,” said David Chan, Barclaycard Consumer Europe CEO.

“Having a wallet on my phone has made it much more convenient to make purchases on the move and I like that it allows me to keep track of what I’m spending as I go.”

These payments are accepted currently in nationwide stores such as Pret a Manger, EAT, Little Chef, Wimberley Arena, Subway, Wilkinson and McDonalds.

“We no longer use our mobile phones simply for talking and texting – apps, cameras and music players allow us to use them for a lot more,” added Pippa Dunn, Orange Vice President.

“Making contactless payments with your mobile is a natural and really exciting innovation.”

Orange customers will be offered a special Quick Tap handset, on the Samsung Tocco Lite – and this will be available on pay as you go and pay monthly price plans.

More handsets are set to follow, so whatever your favourite handset is, it is likely you will soon be able to use it to swipe and go, with no need to enter a PIN.  Those who hold a Barclaycard, Barclays Debit Card or an Orange Credit Card can transfer funds of up to £100 onto the Quick Tap app to start making payments with.